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About Us

We say it.  We mean it.  We prove it.

Smith-Doyle Contractors, Inc. has celebrated

over 25 years in the Construction Industry.

 Vision Before Motion

It’s the ability to see the project through to the end before work begins. To understand unique challenges and invent solutions to overcome them. To envision potential issues before they arise even in unchartered territory. Vision before motion is what every project requires. We understand that safety is a high priority. We understand that every project holds its unique set of challenges and opportunities. We understand that by carefully orchestrating our resources of partners, people, equipment, and schedules, each project will be completed safely, on time, and within budget. Experience has taught Smith-Doyle Contractors,Inc. the value of vision before motion. We’ve been there.


About Us

Smith-Doyle Contractors, Inc. was founded in 1983 by Wayne L. Smith and W. Lynn Doyle.

Wayne L. Smith, President, had been employed by S & W Construction Company, Inc. for over 20 years as a Junior Engineer, Estimator, Project Manager, Vice President, and President reporting Directly to the Chairman of the Board. His education includes a Bachelor and Masters of Science from The University of Tennessee-Knoxville. Mr. Smith formerly served on the Board of Directors of the West Tennessee Chapter of Associated Builders and Contractors,  Memphis Regional Chamber of Commerce, and the Ministry of Men Foundation, Inc.


W. Lynn Doyle, Executive Vice President, had been employed by S & W Construction Company, Inc. for over 20 years as a Carpenter Foreman, Project Superintendent, General Superintendent, and Executive Vice President. Mr. Doyle was educated at the University of Arkansas and Oklahoma State University.


     Robert Barrett   Senior Vice President

   Wayne L. Smith           President


       W. Lynn Doyle        Executive Vice President


               Carl Smith                Vice President Field Operations

   Jack F. Robinson Jr.        Vice President

States Of Operation

     Donald H. Abermathy Jr.           Vice President