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Safety is our highest priority and that is where over 25 years of experience and expertise really shows.

We believe that every employee is entitled to a safe workplace. At Smith-Doyle, we ratchet up our training and preventative measures even higher than industry standards.

The Smith-Doyle Safety Program encompasses comprehensive training, prevention and maintenance plus constant and careful analysis.  Our safety Philosophy creates an environment of empowerment so that every employee, every subcontractor and anyone else at our work site has the authority and the responsibility to identify safety concerns.  Safety is that important.

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Keeping Safety In Sharp Focus

Let our concern for safety provide you with assurance, confidence and peace of mind throughout your project.

Our customers appreciate the extra attention to worksite safety and our excellent safety record exemplifies the care we take on every project.  As contractors, we want the Owners and the public to know that we care about our employees and the communities in which we build.

“Smith-Doyle is financially sound with a proven track record of completing construction projects on time, according to specifications, and to the satisfaction of the Owners, Architects, and Engineers.”

The benefits of Smith-Doyle’s commitment to safety are evident in their NCCI Experience Modification Factors, which are shown for a 5-year history.

          2009       0.79

          2008       0.73

          2007       0.72

          2006       0.75

          2005       0.79

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